Superintendent of CID urge citizens to be vigilant against crime during Independence Season

by: - October 23, 2018
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Superintendent of Police Matthew Cuffy has called on citizens to be vigilant against thieves and criminals during the Independence season.

He made that statement while speaking at a press conference held on Monday October 22nd at the Police Headquarters.

He noted that during the Independence Season, many people are out of their homes for extended periods to attend planned events, which aids persons who are bent on committing crimes.

Cuffy stated that with the amount of events scheduled for the season, the Police Department will be busy, going on to give a few steps to prevent being a target of crime.

“Persons must ensure that your home is properly secured at all times,” speaking specifically about home owners doors and windows while stating that home owners should implement burglar bars.

“At night ensure that an outdoor light remains on throughout the night,” stating that it is an automatic deterrent.

Cuffy also stated that we should avoid leaving keys in the locks of our doors.

“Ensure that keys do not remain on the locks,” stating intruders may put their hands through a side window and use the key to unlock the home owner’s lock.

Cuffy added that citizens should leave surfaces and potential points of entry and exit, as well as the immediate surrounding area clean in order to aid the police in the event of a burglary.

“Inform your immediate neighbors of your whereabouts,” Cuffy advised, adding that neighbors could help prevent a robbery from occurring.

He then stated that home owners should not leave large sums of money and jewelry at their homes.

“If you are leaving your home to attend an activity there’s no need to have $5000.00 under your bed. That doesn’t make sense,” he said, “who you leaving it for. Your expensive jewelry secure it somewhere,” Cuffy added.