Dominica first Country where all schools have emergency plans says UNICEF Education Manager

by: - October 19, 2018
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All primary and secondary schools on island should have emergency plans says Education Manager of UNICEF Eastern Caribbean Area Office Unai Sacona.

He made that statement while speaking at the closing ceremony of the safe school program on October 17th.
Sacona noted that Dominica is the first country where all schools are full prepared.

“Everytime we go to a regional training event meeting,” he said with pride “all the primary and secondary schools of dominica has their emergency plans,” he then stated that Dominica is the first country where all schools have their emergency plans.

Mr. Sacona said that although academia is important, students need to learn how to be “human” and have time to play and grow. He also said that schools need to return to being part of the community.

“We are gonna do drills this year, because right now it’s just paper,” then stating that they are needed in order to understand if they’re adequate for our schools and community.

“For me a Safe School is one that is working close with the community,” noting that it should not be separate from the Community as they are integral to the community.

“It’s difficult but we need to return the schools to the community,” he stated as he reminisced on how they schools and the cumminity used to be connected before.

Sacona said he recently heard of the recent rise in incest and abuse happening in the country since Hurricane Maria, going on to denounce the act.

“We are having more child protection issues,” stating that now we are having more reports of children being abused while stating that this should not be happening in a country like Dominica.

He then spoke to the Principals stating that if they do not do their part to look out for the warning signs in School Children they we will just have “beautiful buildings” as the “school is much more than a building.”