Attorney at law disappointed with level of male employment

by: - October 18, 2018
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Attorney at Law Kondwani Williams has stated that Hurricane Maria exposed Dominica’s lack of male capacity as it relates to vocational skills and technical skills.

He was speaking at the ceremony held on Tuesday where five new lawyers were called to the bar.

Jodie Jodian Luke, Daina Matthew, former Miss Dominica Nadira Lando, Kael Ellon London and Pearlisa Aretha Morvan, were officially robed during the ceremony.

Williams noted during his address that he was “rather let down that men were no longer pursuing the academic routes and even ignoring the trades routes as well.”

“We also need men in the profession and like other professions if you’re not interested in law try to see how much of our men can encourage to get involved in the professions, the architects, the engineers,” he stated.

Williams added that “too many of our men in Dominica in recent times have not just fallen by the wayside and become unemployed but have become unemployable.”