Electoral Office Appoints Five New Assistant Registering Officers

by: - October 10, 2018
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The Electoral Office of Dominica is pleased to announce the appointment of five (5) new Assistant Registering Officers.

The appointments were made pursuant to Registration of Electors Act (Chap. 2:03) of the Laws of Dominica and will be retroactive as of July 1, 2018.

The five new officers join Registering Officers in all 21 constituencies, and their Assistant Registering Officers, in playing a pivotal role in the electoral process, serving as the primary point of contact for prospective electors, persons seeking to change their polling districts and also providing the Electoral Office with information regarding deaths within their particular district, which allows for regular updating of the register of electors.

Chief Elections Officer Ian Michael Anthony said, “The appointment of Registering and Assistant Registering Officers, under the Registration of Electors Act is very essential to the whole process of registration, transfers and of those officers reporting on deaths. And so the commission has appointed several officers in those capacities.”

Mr Anthony believes that it is in the public interest to make persons aware of whom the Registering and Assistant Registering Officers are in their district and constituency and that even if it was not traditionally done, a list of those officers, those who are new and those who have been officers previously, should be made available to the public.

“We normally would not publish the entire list of officers, except for those newly appointed persons. However, we are making a departure from the norm and we are going to very soon publish the names of all our Registering and Assistant Registering Officers as well as their respective polling districts,” Mr Anthony said.

He added, “That way, the general public will know exactly who they should contact, [and] in what area, where they need to.”

Preliminary Electors List

The preliminary registers of electors for 2018 have been posted for public viewing in every polling district in the State and can be inspected at the homes of the Assistant Registering Officers in each respective polling district, during reasonable hours.

Electors are requested to inspect the list and to bring any discrepancy they identify, to the attention of the Registering Officer for the constituency, the Assistant Registering Officer for the polling district, or the electoral office at Jewel Street, Roseau by October 29, 2018.

Objections and Claims

Objections to the inclusion of a person’s name in the register of electors for a polling district may be made by any person registered in that polling district.

The objection must be on the prescribed form, in the objector’s own handwriting. Where the objector is unable to write, the form must be filled in the handwriting of the witness.

Persons eighteen (18) years of age or over, who are otherwise qualified are entitled to have their names included in the Revised Annual Lists.

Forms can be obtained from the Registering or Assistant Registering Officers for the constituency or polling districts, respectively.

Objections or claims must be made to the Registering Officers, no later than November 19, 2018, so that amendments where necessary can be reflected in the Revised Annual List, to be published November 30, 2018.