PM Skerrit pledges 50,000 to Cancer Society

by: - October 9, 2018
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Prime Minister, Minister for Finance and Housing Roosevelt Skerrit (file photo)

Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit has pledged fifty thousand dollars to the Dominica Cancer Society to help with their various outreach programs.

He made that commitment while doing a live interview on Sunday, October 7th.

Mr. Skerrit noted that the cheque will be presented to the society by Friday this week.

He went on to commend the society on a successful walk and the citizens who participated in the event last Saturday.

He also noted that the commitment is outside of what the government normally does with the society, and do bilaterally for those who solicit support from the government to seek treatment.

“So I am making a commitment of 50,000 dollars to the cancer society. I know they have outreach programs and the $50,000 will be used for whatever the society decides it wants to use it for. And I am hoping that by Friday of this week they can get the cheque so they can continue the excellent work that they are doing for so many of our family and friends who suffer from cancer,” Mr. Skerrit stated.

Mr. Skerrit further urged patients to be more open with family members about their ailments, noting that it can cause emotional and mental damage.

“Every one of us, our health situation is a private matter, and I am not advocating that you should go and publicize it. But if you are suffering from any cancer related ailment, it is important to let family and friends know that. Because the support is critical, because the emotional stress on people when you are ill, it can be difficult,” he noted.

“And there is nobody who can go through this by themselves no matter who strong or how huge you are, it is difficult, and you need the support of family and friends. So it is important for you to let them know that you are ill and you will need the emotional support,” Mr Skerrit added.