Caribbean Agriculture Week to be observed

by: - October 4, 2018
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October 8th to October 12 will be recognized as Caribbean Week of Agriculture.

This was announced by Communications Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Petra Grell Shillingford who was speaking on Vibes Radio on Wednesday, October 3rd.

She noted that this year, Agriculture week will be observed in Barbados, however numerous Dominicans will be attending to present on behalf of Dominica.

“From the 8th, I believe is Caribbean Week of Agriculture. It is observed in a different island each year, and this year it will be held in Barbados. A number of Dominicans will be traveling to Barbados to present on behalf of Dominica,” Shillingford noted.

She also noted that they would be, “discussing issues such as coconuts, bananas, climate resilience, climate change in Agriculture, water, hunger, and nutrition which is key.”

Shillingford also spoke about the rise of Black Sigatoka again, and the importance of the farmers working with the Ministry and extension officers.

“We had one of the big campaigns to cut down and eradicate but you know and we don’t wanna be antagonistic to the public,” she said noting that they’re Dominicans just like us.

“We’re going ahead with education. One of the things that we say to the spray men if this is what the farm is, you do not spray,” noting that that in itself is an incentive.

So we are working with them. We have extension officers out there working and trying to assist them. We are also serving them with a letter just to advise them,” Shillingford added.