Charles Savarin to be sworn in for 2nd term as President

by: - October 1, 2018
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President of Dominica, Charles A. Savarin

Charles Savarin is to be President of Dominica for a 2nd term after being elected earlier today, at a special sitting of Parliament.

Mr. Savarin was the only nominee brought forward for the presidency, as the opposition did not have a nomination.

Mr. Savarin will be sworn in tomorrow for his second term with an official ceremony scheduled to be held at the Goodwill Parish Hall.

Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan said it is important that citizens understand the construction of the constitutional provisions, in relation to the election of the president.

He said in order for a law to take legal effect the elected president must assent to it.

“What the opposition is saying, is there should be no election of a president which mean there will be no head of state, there will be no head of the executive, no one the prime minister will be answerable to and no laws will be able to be passed, which is irrational and absurd,” Mr. Astaphan stated.

Mr. Astaphan said the opposition party and their leader aim is to give misinformation and cause confusion among the citizens.

“They are consistently distorting the constitution principles to create more violence to destabilize the state, Mr. Astaphan added.