Walk Against Rifles A Success

by: - October 1, 2018
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President of the Roseau Central and South District Youth Councils Terease Morancie, has deemed the first ever Walk Against Rifles a success.

She made that statement while speaking with Vibes News during an interview on Monday, October 1st.

While giving an overview of the weekend’s events, Morancie noted that the Walk Against Rifles had a good turnout.

“It was a good turn out,” she stated, adding that “everyone was excited and ready to send the message forward.”

They also distributed a Pledge of Non Violence, before they gathered at the Botanical Gardens where a few activities took place.

Miss Morancie said the main message that the Walk was trying to put forward was that “we wanted no more guns on our streets and that aim of a peaceful Dominica.”

“Along the route we chanted no more guns, less RIP, more LIP, let’s all live in peace,” she said.