26 more police officers for Dominica

by: Dominica Vibes News - September 28, 2018
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The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force officially welcomed new officers during the thirty-second Recruit Passing Out and Graduation Parade on Wednesday at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

The twenty-six officers were at the Police Training School becoming prepared to take on their new role in law enforcement for nineteen weeks commencing May 4 2018.

On that day Acting Deputy Chief of Police Davidson Valerie said, “They took an oath to protect the government and people of the Commonwealth of Dominica without fear, favour, malice or ill-will. This mandate they pledged to execute on a daily basis.”

The ceremony he said marked the end of the initial training for their service into the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force.

“I can tell you, they have longed for. It will be etched in the memories of the members of Course 33…It is a day for joy for all…family and friends of the graduates.”

The new officers he said endured rigorous training explain that it was “adequately structured to provide the new officers with the required skills and knowledge which will enable them to perform the tasks at the various sections and departments where they will be assigned.”

He told the new officers that he is “truly grateful” for all of each of them as they have presented themselves to the “call of duty” to serve Dominica in the capacity of police officers adding, “I am confident that you will serve with commitment and pride.”

He quoted the mission statement of the police force which is ‘To protect and serve, ensuring the safety and security of all’.

“This statement should inspire you to work hard and do your best.”

He urged the new officers to take their work seriously, do their best no matter the task, be proud of their organisation and the police force, be eager to learn and to ensure that they always follow the law executing their function as law enforcement officers.

Each course, the most outstanding recruit in various aspects of the training is recognized. This course was no different and nine awards were handed out.

Constable Kenson Wiltshire was awarded Best Recruit Overall, with an average of 88.24 while Constable Clyford Johnathan Telemacque was awarded First Runner Up for Best Recruit of Course 33.

Receiving the Commissioner’s Shield Most Disciplined Student was Constable Nillson Valmond while the Baton of Honour was awarded to Constable Kenson Wilshire.

The other awards are as follows: Constable Oswald Shillingford (Best at Drills), Constable Edmund Dellon Williams (Best at Self Defense), Constable Nillson Valmond (Best at Physical Training and Best Turned Out Student), Constable Kelson Ronald James (Best Shot and Best at Weapons Training) and Constable Kenson Wiltshire (Best at Police Duty Subjects).