Kalinago youth told to continue embracing their culture

by: Dominica Vibes News - September 22, 2018
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Kalinago Group performing a t the opening of the 2014 Independence celebrations

The young persons who represent the Kalinago population in Dominica have been encouraged to continue to embrace their culture.

This advice came from Chairman of the Atkinson/Antrizle Village Council Paul Baron in an interview with Vibes News.

Baron explained that though part of the wider Dominican population and world by extension, the Kalinago culture and way of life should not be lost.

“I think the Kalinago culture is still thriving among our young people in the Kalinago Territory; it’s not that they are not aware of its existence. What I think is happening now is their exposure to other types and forms of information and different cultures because you have dominant cultures of the world that can be influenced at the local level.”

He said the continuity of the Kalinago tradition if firstly the responsibility of the family, then that of the wider Kalinago society to enforce it.

“If you’re coming from a Kalinago family and a Kalinago home and your parents recognize how important it is for the culture to be perpetuated and continued, then you pass it on, because it is like a rite of passage… and we want to our Kalinago youth to be proud of their existence and identity because as you can tell our features are very attractive and we are a people of decency and good, sound moral values as well.”

Baron said Kalinago youth should therefore embrace their culture.

“Going forward, you can integrate into the wider Dominican population but do not lose your roots so to speak.”