Minister for Health and Social Services Pledges to Become a Dementia Friend

by: - September 21, 2018
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Press Release

Friday September 21, 2018 is World Alzheimer’s Day.. The theme for this year’s World Alzheimer’s Month proposed by Alzheimer’s Disease International is: “Every 3 seconds.” Based on global prevalence data on dementia every 3 seconds somewhere in the world someone is being diagnosed with dementia.

Estimates of Alzheimer’s Disease International have shown that in the Caribbean over 328, 000 persons are already living with dementia, the number expected to triple to 1,026,000 by 2050, making The Caribbean the region of the world with the second highest age standardized prevalence rate of dementia among persons 60 and older.

The Dominica Dementia Foundation is acknowledging World Alzheimer’s Month.

The foundation will be launching the Dementia Friends Programme to join the Global Dementia Movement. The programme aims to create dementia friends and champions in, health professionals, private and public sectors. The launch will take on Friday September 21,2018, at the Organised Me on 8 Castle Street, across Mc Millan Service Station, from 3:00 pm.

Dementia Friends Programme is a way of understanding Dementia or as a refresher tool for individual already acquainted with the basis of Dementia.

President of the Foundation, Lakeyia Joseph expresses her hopefulness of the programme.

“The Dominica Dementia Foundation CARES. We are launching this programme as a sustainable one, to ensure that no matter an individual’s age, they will thoroughly understand what Dementia really is. We look forward to the change in perception of Dementia, appreciation and support for those with Dementia.’

On Thursday September 20, 2018,Health and Social Services Minister Hon Dr Kenneth Darroux was initiated into the Dementia Friends Dominica Programme. He received a certificate of Recognition from Rianna Patterson, Founder of Dominica Dementia Foundation .The Honourable Minister commended the Dementia Friends of Dominica.” You have inducted me into your organisation and I am hoping to play an active role in what you have set out to achieve”.

Rianna Patterson, Founder of Dominica Dementia Foundation on handing the certificate said. “ I am really pleased that we can work together with the government and private sector. It is very important that we get involved with the government, because we are a growing and ageing population .”

The Dominica Dementia Foundation was founded on September 2, 2016. It has a membership of over thirty five.