Protesters gather outside Parliament Building

by: - September 20, 2018
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Protesters gathered outside of the Parliament Building while it was in session this morning.

Some came with handmade signs while some sold refreshments, some sang songs whilst others exercised their democratic right to gather and protest.

A protester by the name of Sandra Abraham said that she is protesting for her children and the future of children of Dominica stating that “we need better.” She stated that every Caricom country has passed us and we need to see our children not getting handouts and begging.

Public Relations Officer for the Concerned Citizen’s Movement Michael Copiel said he hopes the government will listen to the voices of the people. He stated that the Government are not the”masters of the people.”

Mr. Copiel then stated that if you elect people to look after your affairs that they “must listen and do the right thing in the interest of all of the people.”

Another protester by the name of Cecil Moses said he is protesting to lend his support, his presence, his voice and his spirit to the Dominican people and land. He says that with every passing day and month the country is going down even though some people will say the country nice.

“It is like everything that is lawful they seem to be against that.” He then stated that the Government has made enough money they they can help the people of the Country.

Mr. Moses says he wants to see this country free, he wants every human being in Dominica able to earn a healthy living like they used to. He says he is tired of seeing people on their knees begging and prostituting. He says that our economy is controlled by the Haitians, the Chinese and the Spanish, saying that Dominicans don’t control the economy of the country.

“They’re trying to tell you that they want to go to register people so that everybody can be counted,” stating that the Government did not do that the past few elections. He said that because Alex Bruno did a census that says that there is no way the Labor party is winning in Dominica that the Labor Party is gong this route. “The last election the number of people that voted we do not have that amount of people of voting age here.”

He also said Dominicans need to know about the money in our treasury including the money given to us by the Prince of Wales. Asking is it in our Treasury and if it can be accounted for. Saying that if you are given a job and cannot do it the next step is to fire you. He said but if the Prime Minister cannot do the job that he should quit and take the Speaker, the President, the Attorney General, Chief of police and his cabinet and leave. He says Dominica is a Democratic country and he needs it to remain Democratic.

“We will not stand for you to become president of Dominica and for there to be no more voting,” said Mr. Moses. He then stated that the Prime Minister wants to become Prime Minister by any means necessary. He then said, “I will stand up and fight for the preservation of my country and my constitution and the constitutional rights of every Dominican by any means necessary.”