NYCD to celebrate senior citizens during Month of the Elderly

by: - September 4, 2018
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President of the National Youth Council of Dominica, Paul Baron

President of the National Youth Council of Dominica (NYCD), Paul Baron, has called on the youth to paly apart in celebration senior citizens as the Month of the Elderly is observed in September.

He made that statement in a release to the media on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018.

Baron stated that the youth should take the Month of the Elderly as an opportunity to celebrate the senior citizens as well as to provide a caring environment for them.

He noted that he is of the firm belief that there should be a “collective moral responsibility to care for our senior citizens, although we come from to extreme ends of the spectrum.”

“September marks the Month of the Elderly, and we wish to take the opportunity to greet every senior citizen in Dominica, to say firstly that we care about your wellbeing and that we will work towards creating an environment, where you will feel appreciated and loved,” Baron stated.

He further encouraged young persons to spend time assisting the elderly in their various communities, “even if it means visiting you and spending some quality time with you in your homes, or assisting you in doing your chores.”

Baron added that as part of this month’s celebration, the NYCD will collaborate with the Youth Arm of the Council of Aging to host a walk in observance of the country’s senior citizens.

The walk is set to be held in the north east of the island, on September 29th 2018 as a commemoration of Month of the Elderly.

“And we are working to ensure that a large number of youth participate on that day, to walk in support of caring for our senior citizens,” Baron added.