33 more houses for Mahaut Constituency

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 31, 2018
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Anthony Scotland, Coordinator for the Mahaut, Massacre, Campbell, Despond, Tarreau and Layou Park Roof Replacement Programme

Thirty-three (33) more houses will be constructed in the Mahaut Constituency to combat the housing issue following the passage of Hurricane Maria last September.

During the press ceremony for this project on Thursday 30 August 2018, Coordinator for the Mahaut, Massacre, Campbell, Despore, Tarreau and Layou Park Roof Replacement Programme for the Mahaut Constituency, Anthony Scotland revealed that a total of one million, two hundred and twenty-six thousand, six hundred and thirty-seven dollars will be spent on these new constructions under the second phase of the reroofing and housing project there.

The houses will be built in Mahaut, Campbell, Despore, Warner, Canefield Housing Scheme, Belfast, Jimmit and Tarreau.

“By the time we finish with this housing revolution in Mahaut the place will be different. The impact in terms of the infrastructure and the built up capital will be an asset to the communities.”

Scotland continued saying that housing is the cornerstone for good health and assists in fighting poverty.

He explained that in order to alleviate poverty one must “be employed, have to food, have shelter, good health services, good road network”.

“If you look at this constituency, all around these issues are being dealt with one at a time,” he stated.