CariMan’s statement on recent surge in gun violence

by: - August 31, 2018
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Press Release

To our dear fellow Dominicans, not just only our general population but our policy and law makers .In light of the unfortunate series of gun shooting incidences that seem to be plaguing our dear beloved Dominica we the Caribbean Male Action Network (CariMAN) wishes to echo the cry of every citizen as it relates to condemning these activities, in our already disaster stricken, grieve stricken and trauma stricken Island.

CariMan believes that better polices Re. the possession of illegal fire arms, tougher penalties for gun related crimes, along with social programmes and advocacy.

We strongly believe that these activities are putting our population into a state of concern and trauma that is contra-indicated for the challenges that we have experience for the past 4 years. These Social and brutal ills are enough evidence to highlight to us the importance of strengthening our policies, and vigilance from the authority to protect the well-being of the citizen of a country that has gone through challenges that we are struggling to recover from.

These unfortunate practices by the persons who carry them out are not just isolated incidences but accentuate the work that needs to be done with the men and women, boys and girls of the country as it relates to violence and violent practices. We must be aware that families are losing love ones and the ripple of sadness continues to plague us. We want to extend our condolences to the affected families but want to vehemently condemn these acts by these ruthless individuals who are threatening the peace of mind of our people and placing our country in such disrepute.

CariMan is proposing that more social programmes to reach the males and females of these country to better manage the social determinant that are leading us into this abyss of social delinquencies that has escalated to this point . , we also believe that all stakeholders need to be consulted to chart a path forward in this state of crisis to help develop , plan and implement this programmes .

CariMan will continue to be available in confronting the situation of violence and aggression and working with persons who needs a healthier outlet and remain focus on lending support to those who are affected in one way or the other. One young man lost is one to many.