Deputy PM will not be intimidated by legal action threat

by: - August 8, 2018
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Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Reginald Austrie (file photo)

Deputy Prime Minister of Dominica, Reginald Austrie has stated that he will not be intimidated by threats of legal action against him by the United Workers Party (UWP).

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton said on Friday 3 August 2018 that he has instructed attorneys to take action on behalf of the party based on comments Mr Austrie made during a radio program on Thursday 2 August.

Mr Austrie read a letter, reportedly written by UWP to Ross University, listing reasons why the school should not return to Dominica.

“I said in a previous program that I understood at the time, that the Opposition, the UWP had in fact written to Ross and I was threatened with legal action by the UWP,” Mr Austrie stated during a radio program on Tuesday 7 August.

“But subsequently Nicolas George agreed that there was a letter that was written to Ross University. And as I understood it, and as I said, I was not surprised that the UWP would write to Ross giving them reason not to come to Dominica,” Austrie continued.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the United Workers Party has demonstrated that “they will do anything and everything to get to the Dominica Labor Party by destroying the country”.

“And I can say to that the biggest enemy that Dominica has, as far as foreign investments is concerned, is the United Workers Party,” he said.

He added that these are “very terrible signals to send” to individuals and businesses wishing to come and invest in or visit the country.

“And in that regard the UWP has proven to be the biggest enemy, the biggest detractor as far as foreign investments in this country is concerned,” he stated.

“And I will not be surprised if the UWP had a hand in sending the wrong signal to Ross University that they should probably not return to the country. And if they want to sue me for saying that then let them go ahead, but I will not be intimidated,” Austrie added.