Agriculture Ministry to implement climate smart projects

by: - July 31, 2018
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

The 2018/2019 portfolio for the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries will be driven by a project, largely funded by the World Bank, aimed at creating a more climate resilient Agricultural sector.

The project, entitled ‘Enhancing Agricultural Resilience and National Food Security’, will see the implementation of various interventions.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries has received a total investment portfolio of $27.2 million or 5.98% of total public investment for the upcoming fiscal year 2018/2019.

“A number of interventions will be undertaken to construct modern agricultural facilities; develop climate smart agricultural production systems; further develop institutional capacities in respect of human resources, laboratories and the legislative framework governing the sector; and restore and explore the use of alternative water management systems,” Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Roosevelt Skerrit stated.

Other major interventions under the project include the support to the Horticulture industry; development of the banana and plantain industries; crop production support; livestock development; and the investment in the modernization of traditional crops.

Mr. Skerrit further informed that work will be done in the fisheries sector to make the sector more adaptable to climate change, while assisting the country in its bid to increase the country’s food security.

He noted that in relation to the fisheries sector that theBuilding Resilient Fish Supply through Modern Technology Applications’ project “involves an assessment of the climate change vulnerability in the fisheries sector and the utilization of modern technology applications to potentially contribute to food security”.

“Going forward, within the dimension of disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, Government seeks to: incorporate and improve early warning systems in the fisheries sector; mainstream climate change policies into fisheries plans, policies and legislation; prepare a strategic action plan for climate proofing the fisheries sector,” Mr. Skerrit stated.