Linton wants new Marigot Hospital to commence September 2018

by: - July 26, 2018
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Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton responding to the 2018-2019 Budget Address

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton has called for construction work on the new Marigot Hospital to commence by September 2018.

Mr. Linton, who is also the Member of Parliament for Marigot, stated in his response to the 2018-2019 Budget Address on Thursday 26 July 2018 that the new hospital is a sore point for the residents of Marigot and north east.

“In last year’s budget, Madam Speaker, an amount of 18.8 million dollars was provided over two years for construction of the new Marigot Hospital, $14.1 million by way of a grant from the government and people of Mexico and $4.7 million from local funds,” Mr Linton stated.

“$6.4 million would have been spent in year one and 12.4 million in year two; it did not happen. In this year’s budget, an amount of 20.5 million is provided. 1.5 million will be spent this year, 9.5 million next year and 9.25 million in the final year,” he added.

Clearing of the current Marigot Hospital site begun on 30 April 2018 after permission was granted from the Environment Health Department. The hospital was closed down due to termite infestation.

The clearing of the site is the Dominica Government’s contribution to the project while the Mexican Government will fund the construction of the hospital.

“This new Marigot Hospital is a sore point for the residents of the north- east from Crayfish River to Calibishie, and we trust that nothing now stands in the way of a commencement of work no later than September 2018,” Mr. Linton added.

A motion was tabled and approved to grant Mr. Linton equal time as Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, to respond to the budget. Mr. Linton was therefore given two hours and twenty-five minutes to respond.

Ministers of government will be given one hour to contribute to the debate on the budget while non-ministers will be given thirty minutes each.