Taxi operators told to give excellent customer service

by: Dominica Vibes News - July 21, 2018
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Minister for Tourism and Culture, Senator Robert Tonge

Minister for Tourism and Culture, Senator Robert Tonge has said excellent customer service is important to Dominica’s tourism product.

Senator Tonge was speaking at a certificate ceremony on Thursday 19 July, 2018 taxi operators who took part in two days of training on Delivering Quality Service organized by the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA).

“Excellent and consistent customer service is key…many times for you you’re going to say that I follow the formula but there are going to be times when you yourself cannot do something and… you’re going to have someone else represent you and if you don’t train that person to represent you, guess what’s going to happen to your customer service, it goes all the way down the drain,” he told participants.

Every customer he continued is important and therefore customer service not only should be excellent but consistent as bad experiences will spread much faster and further than good.

Senator Tonge added that he hopes what was learned will be put into action telling them “not just for yourselves but especially those who will hire at some point in time”.