Dominica’s culture to be integrated into Tourism product

by: Dominica Vibes News - July 17, 2018
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Minister for Tourism and Culture, Senator Robert Tonge (file photo)

Minister for Tourism Senator Robert Tonge, who recently took up leadership of the Ministry of Culture has said the two will be integrated.

Speaking to Dominica Vibes on Friday 13 July 2018, he said now being one team, the Ministry of Tourism will be working closely with the Cultural Division.

The first display of this new Tourism and Culture relationship came with the creation of a live mural on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard on Tuesday 10 July 2018 which coincided with return of Carnival Cruise Lines to the island.

The mural was painted by eleven members of the Waitukubuli Art Association; Lowell OMtNI Royer, Aaron Hamilton, Shadrach Burton, Keard George, Oltert Faubert, Nerrisia Lawrence, Anthea Robinson, Sarama Role, Yaena Eugene, Hilroy Fingol and Chase Lawrence.

The live mural was painted on July 10 2018 on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard, the same day Carnival Cruise Lines returned to the island

The team has expressed a desire to conduct similar exercises at the various ports of entry across the island.

“We’re all one team now and to ensure that the cultural expression is a much better one and that culture is not seen at just a certain time of the year and it’s actually all throughout the year,” said Senator Tonge.

He added that now young people can now see culture as a means of earning an income in addition to being able to express themselves.

A group dressed in traditional Ole Mas costumes as well as the Karifuna Group from the Kalinago Territory also treated guests from the ship with performances.

Posted by Robert T. M. Tonge on Tuesday, July 10, 2018