DFP leader wants voters to ‘be wise’

by: - July 10, 2018
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Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party, Kent Vital

Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), Kent Vital has called on voters to be wise at the next general elections.

Vital, who was addressing a DFP press conference on 2 July 2018, stated that the upcoming general elections should be used as an opportunity to gain better leadership for Dominica and a better future for the country’s youth.

“Hence as a people, let us be wise. We call on you, the Dominican people to send a resounding message at the polls that enough is enough,” Vital said.

“It is time for Dominica to be delivered. It is time for Dominica to be given honest, capable leadership. Eighteen years of our country not progressing is enough. We want a better future for our children,” Vital stated.

Vital added that voters should put aside party affiliations, and vote for the development of the country.

“Let the next general elections not be about party. Let it be about Dominica. Let it be about progress. Let it be about integrity. Let it be about selecting capable and honest leadership, and a capable and honest team to create a Dominica we can all be proud of,” he said.

According to Vital, the current administration “has not been able to do it in eighteen years. They must not be given another chance”.