10 member team for OECS Cycling Championship

by: Dominica Vibes News - June 14, 2018
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President of the Dominica Cycling Association, Ronald Charles

A team of ten cyclists will represent Dominica at the OECS Cycling Championship scheduled for July 1, 2018 in Dominica.

They are Chester Letang, Levi Baron Sr., Bram Sanderson, Hayden Mills, Koath Baron, Kevon Boyd, Ronald Charles, Eddison Roudette, Benjamin Daniel and Enoch Telemacque.

The race begins from Ma Boyd’s Bar on Goodwill Road to Portsmouth and back with cyclists having to rider just over 50 miles.

Dominica was selected to host this year’s championship based on its hosting of the 2017 OECS Championship, President of the Dominica Cycling Association, Ronald Charles told a press conference on Thursday 14 June 2018.

“Every single Dominican should circle the 1st of July 2018 [on their calendar] because I can guarantee you it will not be business as usual like 2017. I know for sure up in the top ten two fellas will emerge but they will be from Dominica.”

Charles added the association has been looking forward to the OECS championship and that the passage of Hurricane Maria last September did not deter them from their goal, aim and objective to see cycling move on.

He appealed to everyone to support the competition saying, “Please all Dominicans we have to come on board.”

Secretary General of the Dominica Olympic Committee Phyllis Baron

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC), Phyllis Baron congratulated the Dominica Cycling Association on its accomplishment and referred to it as a “proud moment”.

Cycling, she said, can be considered a relatively new sport in Dominica as the association has been around for less than three years; however in that space of time its impact in sports is evident.

“I say congratulations to the cycling association for setting the pace in sports in Dominica with less than two years on the scene they have proved themselves. That is what the associations are here for, to provide the support and full support to the athletes while in turn we at the DOC provide our affiliates, the associations, with the most needed assistance required to facilitate this.”

For this reason, Baron added, the DOC is pleased to support the Dominica Cycling Association and will provide its contribution to ensure that the OECS Cycling Championship is successful.

“As we look forward to you hosting the second OECS Cycling Competition, we wish you all the success and please note that we the Dominica Olympic Committee give you our richest blessings,” she concluded.