Twelve year old Dominican makes history in Russia

by: - June 13, 2018
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Cameron Phillip

Cameron Phillip, 12, a goal keeper student of the Newtown Juvenile Football Academy and a student of the Saint Mary’s Academy made history in Russia.

According to a Facebook post by Don Leogal, Phillip was selected by Technical Director of the Dominica Football Association (DFA) to be Dominica’s representative at the International Football for Friendship Youth Championship which precedes the 2018 World Cup in Russia, after his outstanding performance in goal in one of our In-house football festivals.

Leogal wrote that Dominica was selected to send a young goal keeper aged twelve or under to participate in the International Football for Friendship Youth Championship.

Over one hundred youth from around the world took part each country had to send a representative for a specific position; Dominica’s was a Goal keeper. A young Journalist was selected to attend also.

“Cameron stole the heart of everyone in Russia with his performance in goal. His team won the overall Championship; he was the most outstanding Goalkeeper in the tournament and to think I had to actually beg him to stick to Goalkeeping because i saw the potential in him. He wanted to give up because he thought he was too short,” Leogal wrote.

He also brought in Courtney Challenger, who he described as a legendary Harlem and Ex National Goalkeeper, to assist in training Phillip and “to prove my point”.

Cameron will be carrying the Dominica Flag at the opening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup ceremony – “what an honor at the world’s biggest event”.

The young Journalist and Phillip’s mother will also view the opening game of the world Cup in living color.

“The Newtown Juvenile Football Academy, Dominica Football Association, Saint Mary’s Academy and the whole of Dominica congratulate you and the young Journalist for representing us proudly on the world stage. #DominicaStrong,” Leogal further wrote.

Photographs in Russia compliments Cameron Phillip’s mother.