Excavator operators warned to refrain from damaging roads

by: Dominica Vibes News - June 13, 2018
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Minister for Public Works, Water Resource Management and Ports Dr. John Collin McIntyre.

Excavator operators and the contractors they work for have been warned to refrain from driving on the roads with the tracks unprotected.

Minister for Public Works, Water Resource Management and Ports, Dr. John Collin McIntyre has said this is an “indiscriminate use” of the roads by the excavator operators.

Dr. McIntyre, who was speaking on The Next Level radio program on 7 June 2018, explained that soon after the passage of Hurricane Maria, the island was in crisis mode and moving the trailer trucks, which usually transport the excavators, was difficult.

However he said while the island is recovering from a major hurricane which caused a number of roads to be damaged, “the contractors who operate the heavy equipment to respect our roads in Dominica”.

He added that his ministry has had to call on a number of excavator operators caught driving these heavy duty machinery without protected tracks.

While not many have been seen recently Dr. McIntyre said there are those who still continue to do this under the cover of night.

This practice he said is “damaging our roads, especially roads we have spent a lot of money on” and accordingly, the Public Works Ministry will continue to monitor this situation.

Dr. McIntyre called on citizens to also be on the lookout for these culprits and report those who are seen doing this adding that there will be consequences.

“I want to warn the contractors that we will deduct money from their contracts if we are found driving and damaging the roads we will assess it,” he said.