Police Superintendent says border security is a necessity

by: - April 12, 2018
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Superintendent of Police, Richmond Valentine (file photo)

Superintendent of Police, Richmond Valentine has reiterated the importance of border security across the island.

Valentine was speaking at the launch of a weeklong workshop hosted by CARICOM on joint border security around member states.

He stated that the closeness of the islands in the regions is a huge factor in border security and control.

“The proximity of the islands within the region is one of the factors which influences the movement of persons, goods and services across borders. So it is imperative the Border Security Officers are equipped with the required knowledge and skills to prevent or detect actions by individuals, which have the potential to threaten National Security,” Valentine stated.

Valentine noted that an advancement in security protocol is required to continue to safeguard a country’s borders, adding that criminal minds also continue to monitor these security advancements for their own gains.

“The advancement in technology provides for the use of different systems or protocols that will enhance a country’s ability to secure its borders. It must be noted however that persons with criminal minds continuously examine the various measures that are in place at different levels with the sole intention to manipulate them for their personal gain,” he noted.

He went on to say that considering this more attention has to be placed on border security by law enforcement and authorities.

“With this in mind, there must be continued surveillance and high level of alertness by law enforcement officers so that suspicious person or activity can be detected very early to allow for a timely intervention” Valentine went on to say.

Valentine further added adequate border security should become and remain a necessity for every country in an effort to reduce criminal activities.

“Border control provides for countries to place little focus on trusted passengers while identifying high risk targets which should be monitored. An effective border security system is an absolute necessity, as criminals continue to exploit avenues to commit crimes and avoid detection,” Valentine added.