Bouyon Inc. to host Panel discussion on bouyon music and it effects

by: - April 12, 2018
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Cornell “Fingers” Phillip, member of the Bouyon Pioneers and an original member of the WCK Band, Jeoffrey Joseph, the current Manager of the Triple Kay International Band, Duncan Stowe, Lawyer and Music Critique; and an unnamed prominent public official will form a panel to debate the topic “Does Bouyon Music Influence Violent Behavior?”

The panel discussion will be held on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at the UWI Open Campus Auditorium, and is open to the public. The discussion will be moderated by Tim Durand.

Of late it has become a concern among members of the public that Bouyon Music incites violence, especially during carnival activities and other such events.

Larry Cambran, of Bouyon Inc.; the body responsible for organizing the panel discussion said that the air needed to be cleared on the topic hence the discussion.

“There was a very heated discussion after Mrs. Boyd Knight made a statement about music and violence and we thought that it would be best handled or best understood with a discussion of a certain intellectual capacity was done as opposed to just discussing things randomly.”

He noted that they chose the selected four for the panel because of the desire to encompass perspectives from the start of the genre to the current times.

“What we wanted was a cross section of Bouyon from the inception to current. So we looked at the manager of the inception of Bouyon which is Cornell, manager of a band in the current form that is Jeoffrey Joseph, so we have Mr. Stowe who is a critique of music and is also very inclined to do lyrics and lyrical content of music. We wanted the discussion to encompass the concept of music and put it on the Bouyon aspect.”

Cambran added that this panel will be the first of many on the topic, with another panel already carded for July 3rd 2018.

“This will be the first panel discussion, we have coined the discussion Fire under The Pot. This will be the first of its kind and we’re looking to have more of them moving forward. We have another one scheduled for July 3rd and we looking to make it even more interesting than the one we are going to have.”