China donates 1.3 million dollars in military equipment

by: - April 11, 2018
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Over 1.3 million US dollars’ worth of military aid and equipment was handed over to the Government of Dominica by the Republic of China at a handing over ceremony held at the Windsor Park Stadium yesterday.

Ambassador to Dominica for the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, His Excellency Lu Kun stated that the donation is a reflection of the continued commitment from China to Dominica.

“On behalf of the People’s Republic of China I’ll be delighted to hand over the logistics material aid granted to the Commonwealth of Dominica. This aid is not only a reflection of the valuable China Dominica friendship but also a symbol of China’s continued support to the recovery and rebuilding efforts of Dominica after Hurricane Maria.”

He noted that along with the vehicles, repair materials and tools were also donated.

“These logistics material aid to the value of $1.3M US contains high quality equipment and materials. Because besides this vehicles we also provide the materials for these vehicles and the equipment for repairing these materials.

Lu Kun added that he hopes that the vehicles will be used to assist in the country’s continued recovery.

“These equipment including cargo trucks, offloading vehicles, transportation cars and so on, we do believe these equipment will enhance Dominica’s capacity in areas of recovery, disaster reduction and maintaining stability in medical emergency.”