Creole Research Project to boost spirits after Maria

by: - April 10, 2018
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Chairman of the Konmite Pou Etid Kweyol (KEK), Raymond Lawrence has stated that the launching of the Creole Research Project can be seen as an avenue to improve the attitudes of citizens following the destruction of Hurricane Maria.

Lawrence was speaking at the launching ceremony of the Creole Research Project held last Friday at the Old Mill Cultural Center.

He stated that it is critical now to promote our culture as we are still in the recovery and rebuilding stage following Hurricane Maria.

“Well it’s all of us in it together, all of us in it together, working together to help to develop our beautiful country and maybe even more so now that we have been affected by devastating hurricane and in a sense we’re still in recovery and rebuilding mode and even more so now we need to promote our culture.”

Lawrence noted that the project is important as culture can be used to boost the morale of citizens following the disaster.

“Through arts and culture you can also help to rebuild the spirits of Dominicans and build the morale of people in the country and inspire people to get going again, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and apply ourselves to developing Dominica once again.”