Isaac resigns from UWP after failed talks with party’s leadership

by: - April 10, 2018
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Roseau Central MP Joseph Issac

Parliamentary representative for the Roseau Central Constituency, Joseph Isaac stated that his resignation from the United Workers Party has stemmed from numerous conversations with the party’s leadership in an attempt to change the party’s approach to the country’s politics.

Isaac officially resigned from the United Workers Party to become an independent Member of Parliament at a press conference held last Wednesday.

Isaac stated that he had tried numerous times to convince his party to change their perspective so that the country can benefit.

“I’ve trained ad nauseam to persuade my party the United Workers Party that there is wisdom in changing from the traditional opposition approach to politics, and to adopt a more nationalistic approach, once in which the country comes first and which everything comes second.”

Isaac added that after letters to the leader, as well as interactions with the party’s executive, he concluded that the party is opposed to the philosophy that he stands by.

“I’ve tried selling the idea to the leader, the executive, the general council of the party but to no avail. I’ve also formally written to the leader of the party expressing my many concerns, including but not limited to my concern about the party centered approach and expressed my desire for a more nationalistic approach. After much agitation I’ve concluded is diametrically opposed this nationalistic philosophy.”