Republic of Colombia to assist Dominica in food exportation and security

by: - April 10, 2018
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Minister for Foreign & CARICOM Affairs, Francine Baron (file photo)

The Republic of Colombia, through the CARICOM Colombia Free Trade Agreement, is set to assist Dominica with food security as well as ongoing discussions of duty free exportation of Caribbean produce to Colombia.

This was announced at a press conference held last month by Dominica’s Minister responsible for Foreign and CARICOM Affairs, Francine Baron.

Baron stated that Colombia remains an important partner to Dominica, as it continues to discuss teacher trainings and food security.

“Indeed Colombia has been an important partner not only for Dominica but as in important partner with CARICOM. Regional discussions with the CARICOM secretariat involve an ongoing program of teacher training and discussions on food security as well as the duty free importation of carrion produce to Colombia within the framework of the CARICOM Colombia pre trade agreement.”

Baron added that agreements have been reached for Dominica to take advantage of this opportunity, while discussions on food security continue.

“We have agreed to redouble our efforts in a generation of exportable produce so that we can take full advantage of the opportunity provided by our Colombian friends, we have also discussed the area of cooperation in terms of security and how we can learn from the experiences in Colombia. So we expect also that there will be further training opportunities to strengthen our security apparatus in Dominica.”