A more nationalistic approach to local politics needed says Roseau Central MP

by: Dominica Vibes News - April 6, 2018
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Roseau Central MP Joseph Issac

Roseau Central’s Parliamentary Representative Joseph Issac’s decision to leave the United Workers Party was not an easy one.

Issac who on Wednesday April 4, 2018, during a press conference informed of his decision to become an Independent Parliamentarian explained that a nationalistic approach to politics is needed on the island.

“I have consistently spoken against this practice of tribal politics because I saw little place for it Pre Maria Dominica and there is absolutely no place for it especially Post Maria where we find ourselves fighting for our survival in Dominica,” he said.

He said instead of the politics of black and white what is needed is the unification where all ideas can contend.

“I hold firmly to the view for Dominica to emerge successfully from this period of adversity we need to work together with a common interest and purpose. Something cannot always be right simply because my side is saying it and by the same token wrong because it is being said by my political opponent,” he added.

Issac said the political bar needs to be raised in Dominica focusing on the island’s best interest.

He continued, “This for me is a philosophical issue which I feel very strongly about. I do not support the politics of derision neither do I affirm to the politics of hate to the point where there cannot be a meeting of the minds.”