Ministry of Education proud of progress after Hurricane Maria

by: - April 11, 2018
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Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Petter Saint Jean

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has deemed the reopening of all schools a success for the Ministry, but noted that they will continue to work on rehabilitating all affected schools.

This was announced by Minister responsible for the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Petter Saint Jean who was speaking at the launch of the Model Safe School Programme.

Saint Jean stated that the Ministry faced many challenges with their infrastructure following the passage Hurricane Maria last September.

“In addition to issues related to the destruction of school structures, the education sector grappled with other dire consequences of the disaster. In many of our community’s student’s experiences difficulties accessing schools,” Saint Jean stated.

He noted that pressure was placed on the sector as schools were used as hurricane shelters after the storm.

“Hundreds of our students were forced to migrate. Additionally, there was added pressure on the system as several schools were used as emergency shelters and in some cases for extended periods of time,” he noted.

Saint Jean went on to state that despite these challenges the Ministry has been able to reopen all schools in Dominica, praising the resiliency of the staff of the Ministry as well as students teachers and parents around the island.

“Despite these challenges, the ministry of Education has enjoyed success with the reopening of all schools in Dominica. We are proud of this particular achievement because it speaks to a high level of resilience among the people who staff the Ministry of Education, the principals, teachers, students and parent of our various schools,” he went on to state.

Saint Jean further added that while some of the schools’ conditions are not faultless, the Ministry remains committed to working on the rehabilitation of the structures to ensure that students and teachers are comfortable.

“I should be quick to concede though, that at some schools, conditions are less than ideal. However the Ministry of Education continues to work feverishly to rehabilitate our physical plants and bring a high level of comfort to teachers and students across the island,” Saint Jean added.