Forestry receives documentation on the Impact of Hurricane Maria on the Botanic Gardens

by: - February 9, 2018
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Mr David Williams handing over the research document to Director of Forestry Michinton Burton

Press Release

On Friday 9th February, 2018 Mr. Minchinton Burton, the director of the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks was presented with a research document prepared by Mr. Arlington James & Mr. David Williams on the impact of Hurricane Maria on the Botanic Gardens , Dominica.

The sixty- seven (67) paged document gives a detailed description of the impact of Hurricane Maria on the Botanic Gardens and Peebles Park. In addition to sectional impact assessments, scientific identification of shrubs and ornamental trees, recommendations were also captioned.

Mr. Burton expressed his gratitude for the effort and complimented the two gentlemen on their unwavering support for the work of the Division. He also expressed that members of staff continue to be diligent and should emulate these two men.

*About the authors*

Mr. James served in many capacities within the Division which included Director and Forest Officer responsible for Research and Monitoring Unit whereas, Mr. Williams served in the capacity of Forest Officer with responsibility for Parks as well as Director, both are currently retired, but remains committed to research, documentation and production of educational resources on Dominica’s natural environment. It’s against this background and passion that they voluntarily collaborated to produced “An Assessment of the Impacts of Hurricane Maria on the Collection of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs of the Botanic Gardens & Peebles Park, Dominica.”