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40 ft container with supplies arrives here from Cher Dominique Foundation

by: - February 9, 2018
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Press Release

Cher Dominique Foundation is a non-profit organization and was founded two years ago to assist in providing school supplies to primary schools in Dominica. Following Hurricane Maria, the focus shifted to seek donations to assist the people of Dominica in the recovery process.

The Foundation was able to dispatch a 40ft container of food and supplies to Dominica, valued over USD500,000 and donated to the communities of; Kalinago Territory, Atkinson, Salisbury, Coulibistrie, Colihaut, Bioche, Dublanc, Point Michel and Scotts Head. Donations were also made to The Social Centre, Dominica Infirmary, The Grotto as well as various schools.

Like many organizations, Cher Dominique Foundation, mobilized to organize fund raising activities, collaborated and actively solicited help from various donors to assist with shipping costs and the provision of basic needs for the people of Dominica.

As a young organization and this being the first major donation, the president and founder of the organization, Mrs. Germaine Brumant-Bellot, managed the contributions to various communities and organisations and participated in some of the distribution process. The shipment contained: non-perishable food, baby food and supplies, clothing, shoes, toiletries, water and much more.

According to Mrs. Brumant-Bellot, “Cher Dominique recognizes that recovery is a long-term process and is committed to providing support by giving assistance wherever we can. We will continue to grow as a vibrant organization and intend to make a positive impact on the Dominican community.”