Concerned Citizens Movement call for Electoral Reform in Dominica

by: Dominica Vibes News - January 11, 2018
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The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) has called on the Electoral Commission to emerge from its state of paralysis and work on electoral reform in Dominica.

President of the CCM, Loftus Durand in an interview with Vibes News on Monday 8 January 2018, said they are a group of persons concerned with the rule of law and democracy adding that the business of electoral reform has been on the cards for a long time.

“The commission in our view from where we see it is basically in a state of paralysis as it partakes having these reforms be a reality in Dominica for the next general election… we wrote to the commission an official letter and we carbon copied it to a number of different parties concerned and so we are saying that concern citizens movement that job was giving to them by the commission wholly and solely to deal with elections in Dominica,” he said.

Durand added that the CCM is calling for electoral reform to be placed high on the Commission’s agenda for 2018.

CCM he said is calling for electoral reform in a number of areas before another general election is held in Dominica. These include the issuance of voter ID cards, total cleansing of the existing “bloated” list and campaign finance reform regulation.

“These are just the request of right thinking Dominicans, patriotic Dominicans persons who love their country and want to see their country prosper,” Durand said.

Meanwhile, in an follow up interview on Thursday 11 January, 2017 Durand revealed that the CCM will recommence their public awareness campaign on Electoral Reform which was temporarily halted due to the passage of Hurricane Maria last September.

Durand said, “Maria has come and gone and the country business must go on.”

They begin on Friday, 12 January, 2018 in Salisbury and he extended an invitation to all those in the area to come and dialogue with them.

“Is not a thing we are coming and talk to you, come and talk to us, come and ask us questions about electoral reform. Let’s us have a dialogue so that we can give you the necessary information as we know it to be when it comes to electoral reform in Dominica,” said Durand.