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Val Cuffy defends decision to host Mas Dominik 2018

by: Dominica Vibes News - January 9, 2018
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Festival and Events Manager of the Dominica Festivals Committee Val Cuffy

Events and Festivals Manager of the Dominica Festival Committee Val Cuffy has defended the DFC’s decision to proceed with plans for Mas Dominik 2018.

Carnival Cuffy explained has been a traditional celebration of Dominicans far into the country’s history.

“Carnival is a traditional feast, a traditional celebration that goes way back into our history in terms of our religious convictions. There are those of us who believe in carnival and we have the right as a nation to give people the opportunity to celebrate their traditions,” he said.

Cuffy went on to ask those who do not “believe” in Carnival to use the period to “look at your neighbor, look at your friend and see how you can help generate some more love, some more concern, help them rebuild, look at a road, look at a fence, and do something positive.”

Meanwhile he cautioned those who will be partaking in the festivities to not overspend as there is still work to be done post Hurricane Maria.

“We are asking you to celebrate, because yes it is a tradition feast, a celebration, but at the end of it, when Ash Wednesday comes, do not only just go for your ashes, but remember the ashes that Maria left, we have to still clean it up and to make Dominica great again,” Cuffy added.