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DOMLEC on track for complete restoration of power by April 2018

by: Dominica Vibes News - January 9, 2018
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DOMLEC’s Public Relations Officer, Adina Bellot Valentine (file photo)

The Dominica Electricity Service (DOMLEC) is well on its way of achieving its goal of reenergizing all of Dominica by April 2018.

In an interview with Dominica Vibes on Tuesday 9 January 2018, Public Relations Officer of DOMLEC, Adina Bellot Valentine said many communities around the island have received electricity.

“We have been working at the company to electrify all of Dominica. We have set a mandate and a timeframe of April 2018, as the deadline for the restoration of power in all communities around the island. Before the year ended, we had electrified a number of villages; we had electrified Roseau and quite a bit of surrounding areas, reaching as far as Castle Comfort and some areas up to Trafalgar and some other areas in the Roseau Valley. We went down to the Canefield Industrial Estate, certain areas of Morne Daniel, River Estate, we energized the circuits in Massacre and Mahaut and line shave been reenergized up to Rodney’s Rock in Jimmit,” Valentine explained.

DOMLEC she said is pleased with the efforts of their team in the north of the island noting that most of Portsmouth have been reenergized.

Lines to Douglas-Charles Airport in Melville Hall, she said is being worked on.

She continued, “This year we have started again working in earnest and we have gone back to those areas that have not been completed before year end 2017. And so ongoing work is taking place in Lower Goodwill, Upper Goodwill, Castle Comfort, in the valley, as well as other areas in the North because we have a separate crew working in the north of the island and we were pleased that most of the Portsmouth area have been energized. We also continue to do work on the line leading to the airport which is quite a long span of line. We ae about forty percent complete as far as that is concerned and we have also started work in Georgetown and heading towards the Tibet area.”

The sole electricity company on the island, is still receiving assistance from foreign teams to attain their goal of complete restoration by April.

“Prior to the end of the year, we had a number of crews from about seven islands assisting us with the restoration process. They crews returned except for the Cuban crew which is still on island. They are expected to be with us until sometime in February. All the other crews returned home for the holiday season and so we are expecting some crews to be back on island by the end of January which will assist us greatly in reaching our goal to electrify all of Dominica,” she said.

The company, Valentine said is trying its best to ensure that all Dominicans can receive power.