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Comptroller of Customs dispels rumor surrounding personal packages

by: Dominica Vibes News - November 14, 2017
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Roderick Deschamps, Comptroller of Customs

Comptroller of Customs, Roderick Deschamps has dispelled rumors surrounding relief distribution and personal care packages, referring to the rumors as ‘total rubbish’.

Speaking at a press briefing last week Deschamps cleared the air saying, “I adamantly say that is total rubbish. There is no way a person, a family member in the diaspora would take their time and money to send a barrel for their loved ones in Dominica and upon examination by customs contents of the barrels are distributed elsewhere. That doesn’t sound right.”

He added that normal customs processes are still in place when dealing with personal barrels and boxes.

“The consignee gets delivery from the agents, proceed to DASPA, then to customs for examination and payment of their necessary duties,” he explained.