Dominicans asked to be mindful of quality of building materials

by: - October 20, 2017
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Private Contractor and Engineer, Anthony Burnette-Biscombe

Private Contractor and Engineer, Anthony Burnette-Biscombe has asked Dominicans to improve on the quality of the material that they use when rebuilding.

Biscombe who was speaking at the daily press briefing on Friday, October 20th, 2017, noted that the quality of the material used when building contributed to the level of damage which occurred during Hurricane Maria.

“Most of our lumber comes out of the Americas, specifically North America, and they have strict stress grading rules and visual grading rules. But unfortunately, the philosophy sometimes in the private sector is ‘import cheap, sell expensive’. So you ask them why they don’t bring in Grade one and Grade two lumber which has less knotting and when you are doing a rafter you do not want any knotting if possible. We need to look seriously at what is imported and the merchants should voluntarily bring in other quality materials,” he stated.

He encouraged persons to move up from the minimum standards of the building codes to reduce the chances of damages while making their homes safer.

“We have the courage to mandate certain things be able. We need a wider choice of materials from the merchants. Don’t worry about who is going to pay for it. There are persons who are willing to pay for it, because what we have are minimum standards in the codes, and if you go slightly above that, it doesn’t cost you much more. You can have less damages to your buildings and safer homes,” Biscombe added.