Roseau Soon to be a Pedestrian City

by: - October 4, 2017
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Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

The capital will soon be made into a pedestrian city as work continues to clean and clear Roseau making it suitable for commercial activity to convene there.

Speaking at the daily press briefing at the Financial Center on Wednesday 4 October 2017, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said this will soon be implemented as persons will drive to pick up areas where buses will then shuttle them into Roseau.

“The government will contract mini buses and we shall locate mini buses at the Krazy Kokonutz by the gas station area and also have mini buses down at the Auto Trade area,” he said adding, “So you will park and ride.”

These buses will run constantly and will be free of charge to riders as the government will pay.

Skerrit said this is in efforts to minimize the number of people coming into the city.

  • “There are just too many people coming into the city”, the prime minister explained, which makes it difficult for the smooth passage of emergency vehicles, aid workers and other service personnel working to get the country back up and running with electricity, water and telecommunications.

He added that it must be understood that in order for things to move faster than they are currently, cooperation from all is necessary.

“We all have to cooperate and one of the best ways you can cooperate with us is by respecting the traffic situation. You have no business in town, do not come to town and if you have business in town, we will provide you with a ride free of charge, you jump on a bus, you get into the city and you walk from one point to the other…my appeal to all of us is that please let us cooperate,” he said.