Cecil Shillingord Updates On Post Maria Communications Progress

by: - October 4, 2017
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Cecil Shillingord
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During the daily press briefing held at the Financial Center on Tuesday October 3, 2017, Cecil Shillingford Disaster Risk management and Coordination Specialist advised that Hurricane Maria affected 95 to 100% of the communications system. However, as of today, the mobile end of the Flow network has been restored within Roseau and environs spanning to Pointe Michel and certain parts of Bellevue Chopin. Morne Daniel, Canefield, Massacre and down the West Coast has been restored as well. He further advised that there is some remedial work pending in St. Joseph. Additionally, Portsmouth proper has been restored; specifically Glanvillia. In the interior, Cochrane and Morne Prosper, Pond Casé as well as Belles and other nearby areas are now functional.

According to Shillingford, Flow mobile services will be functional in areas such as Marigot, Eggleston, Stock Farm, Wesley, Calibishie, Veille Case, Blenheim, Picard, Emerald Pool area and Castle Bruce by Friday October 6, 2017.

With regards, to Marpin TV services; assessment and recovery of active devices is still ongoing. He advised that fixed line services is workable in certain areas contingent on the line plan to individual households. According to him, if your line is severed there will be no service in your area. Shillingford went on to say that there is partial active fixed line services in Roseau, Canefield, St. Joseph, Portsmouth, Mahaut and Pond Case.

The Government Financial Center, the Police Headquarters, Ross University, National Bank of Dominica, Soctia Bank, First Caribbean International Bank, First Domestic Insurance, Fast Cash, Fort Young Hotel, NCCU, Clear Harbor and Auto Trade have had their landline services restored.

With regards, to Digicel, Shillingford informed that they worked aggressively and approximately at the end of the first week after the storm, the towers in Glassgow and Great George Street were restored and that gave coverage from Pointe Michel to Jimmit. They further reestablished service in the Layou area and that gave them coverage between the north of the island and Jimmit.

The Disaster Risk management and Coordination Specialist went on to say that by September 27, 2017, Digicel had restored 5 sites in and around the Roseau area. Digicel reported that they had limited cellular services with massive congestion, which was anticipated as persons were clogging the network trying to reach friends and family. Further, Digicel had two cell sites restored in Pointe Ronde and Portsmouth which added to their range in the north. They are now aiming to restore their sites in the Paix Bouche and Morne Bruce areas.

Shillingford concluded by saying that although services are not 100% functional, it is available in many areas around the country.