Man fined $3,500 after pleading guilty to four charges

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 11, 2017
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One bus driver of Massacre has been fined a total of three thousand and five hundred dollars after pleading guilty to four charges.

Danny Mondesire appeared before the Magistrates court on Friday, August 11, 2017, where he pleaded guilty to threatening Isaiah Joseph on two separate occasions, intimidation of Isaiah Joseph with a cutlass and carrying a certain weapon, namely a cutlass without providing a satisfactory reason for having the cutlass.

According to the prosecution, Joseph and Mondesire were involved in an altercation, after which Mondesire made a report at the Roseau police station.

He then allegedly went to buy a new cutlass before heading back to Mahaut where he made a report to the Mahaut Police station.

The complainant heard about the threats that Mondesire were allegedly making, and when to make a report at the police station in Mahaut. Mondesire met Joseph at the police station, where he proceeded to kneel down and threaten Joseph in front of two police officers saying, “You will never drive bus again. I must cut your hand”.

He also threatened Joseph another time that same day saying, “I know where you living. I will wait for you there. I must cut your hand”.

Mondesire was arrested later that same day on suspicion of carrying a dangerous weapon. After being questioned by the police on the reason for carrying a cutlass, he replied “I just wanted to scare Isaiah. I wasn’t going to cut him”.

On the first count of threatening, Mondesire was fined one thousand dollars to be paid by the 31st of October or spend nine weeks in jail.

On the second count of threatening he was fined one thousand dollars to be paid by the 30th of November or spend nine weeks in jail.

On the count of intimidation with a weapon, he was charged one thousand, five hundred dollars to be paid by the 29 of December 2017 or spend one year and three months in jail.

He was also asked not to offend or get into further trouble with the law, or he will be fined three thousand dollars or spend twelve months in jail.