DFP confident enough to contest next general elections

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 10, 2017
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New political leader of the Dominica Freedom Party Kent Vital (photo credit: Kent Vital facebook page)

Newly elected political leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) Kent Vital has said the party is confident enough to contest the next general elections given that it is called when constitutionally due.

Vital told this to Dominica Vibes in an interview on Tuesday August 9 2017, where he admonished the ruling government to do the right thing where elections are concerned.

Therefore, the party will be promoting campaign reform he said as everyone needs to be given a chance to compete fairly and the voting population a chance to make their own decisions.

“One of the issues is about fixed dates for elections and in the future we’ll deal with that, but, often many of our Caribbean governments have abused that. They have abused that by seeking to call elections sometimes when it suits them before it is due,” Vital expressed adding, “We want the prime minister and we want the Labour Party Administration to be honourable and not to be coward and to do the right thing.”

Moreover, Vital who was elected at the DFP’s first delegates’ convention in eight years on Sunday August 6 2017, said many persons have expressed interest in joining the party’s ticket as the response to the revamping of the DFP has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We have persons that are in the waiting, they will be declared in due course,” he said.

In addition to the success of their radio show, the party has been going into various communities speaking to the people on the ground over the past two years in preparation for the delegates’ convention.

“We have been speaking to persons and the response is good, the response is overwhelming,” Vital said.

He however lamented that some members of the public are somewhat fearful, calling the situation unfortunate, however he said they remain confident in being victorious at the next general elections.

“It seems that many persons are fearful…but we know that the response from the people have been great,” Vital said.

The party he said is aware that the people have been awaiting something refreshing and different and that he said they have already begun to hear and see with the revamped DFP’s efforts.

“So we’ll be doing more of that and we are very confident that we can do twenty-one seats and we will do twenty-one seats in the upcoming elections,” he said.