Apartment units on the cards for Charlotte Valley

by: Dominica Vibes News - July 13, 2017
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Apartment unit constructed at Silver Lake (file photo)

A commitment for the construction of two sets of apartments in Charlotte Valley, Newtown has been given.

That commitment was given by Finance Minister, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit while he addressed a town hall meeting in Newtown on Monday 10 July 2017.

In that address, Mr Skerrit acknowledged that road repairs and housing are among the major challenges confronting the Roseau South Constituency.

After committing his government to providing the finances to effect the rehabilitation of eight roads in the Roseau South Constituency, Mr Skerrit committed to providing funds for the construction of apartments in Charlotte Valley following the 2017/2018 National Budget address.

Government acquired lands in Charlotte Valley years ago with the intention to create lots for sale.

However, according to Mr Skerrit, government has been advised by the Planning Division against building homes beyond the “little ravine” in Charlotte Valley because it is “a potentially troublesome area”.

“So we’re only left with a handful of lots before you get to the ravine and that has compromised our ability to effect some housing solutions in that area,” he said.

Mr Skerrit revealed that the cost to build a sewage system from the lot to the main road is estimated to cost “in excess of six hundred thousand dollars” while the cost to provide potable water in the area will cost “about half a million dollars”.

“So the cost of infrastructure is huge and so we’ve studied the situation and we felt it would not make sense to sell the lots individually to people …because when you do the maths it may not make much economic sense,” he explained.

Accordingly, government has decided, based on advice, that a couple apartments units can be constructed in Charlotte Valley.

“I’m saying to you tonight that the government is committing to construct two sets of apartments in the Charlotte Valley area,” Mr Skerrit stated.

Former parliamentary representative for the Roseau South Constituency, Ambrose George has been assigned to coordinate that project.

“And Ambrose, you know, we have to get this done. I haven’t told you so, but I am telling you in the presence of the world that I am assigning you to coordinate that on my behalf and ensure that it is done,” the Finance Minister said.

“The truth is, I am tired about talking about Charlotte Valley and something must be done, and let us get it done in this financial year. So the next time I come to Newtown I shall be visiting the apartments under construction,” he added.