DLP to repair a section of Botanic Gardens road

by: Dominica Vibes News - May 19, 2017
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Section of the Botanic Gardens road (Photo credit: Panoramio)

A section of the road network in the scenic Botanic Gardens will be repaired this weekend thanks to the initiative of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP).

DLP leader, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit made the announcement while addressing a town hall meeting at the Goodwill Primary School’s auditorium on Thursday 18 May 2017.

Mr Skerrit, who invited volunteers to assist in the project from 7AM on Saturday 20 May 2017, said the DLP has decided that it is going to do some voluntary work.

“And so we will be doing a section of the road in the Gardens, the section of road going down to where the Health Centre is and this voluntary project will not cost the government of Dominica one cent,” he stated.

The estimate for that project, Mr Skerrit announced, is three hundred and sixty-nine thousand dollars.

“What we have done, we’ve called the private sector, we’ve called builders, skilled laborers and we say come let’s work; you have a bacco come and help us, you have a bobcat come and help us, you have a concrete truck, give us two loads of concrete and let us come and do that road,” he stated.

“So on Saturday morning, I want all of you to come and help us from 7 o’clock in the Gardens to help build that road,” Mr Skerrit urged.

The DLP leader said a number of benefactors have agreed to assist the Party to undertake the project which will benefit “the students attending the Convent High School the Convent Prep and for all the senior citizens who are using the health centre in the Gardens”.

“So come and help us, whether you can hold a shovel, you can carry a bucket of water, come and help us. And just imagine ladies and gentlemen that I will be there myself because we recognize that we have to make our contributions at all levels,” Mr Skerrit said.