Do not be misled by ‘Skerrit Must Go’ campaign, MP warns

by: Dominica Vibes News - April 20, 2017
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Parliamentary Representative (MP) for the Soufriere Constituency, Denise Charles

Parliamentary Representative (MP) for the Soufriere Constituency, Denise Charles has advised citizens against being misled by the opposition United Workers Party’s (UWP) latest campaign ‘Skerrit Must Go’.

Speaking during a town hall meeting in Soufriere on Wednesday April 19, 2017 Charles referred to the campaign as “brainless, footless, headless”.

Charles encouraged attendees to devote their support and prayers to their government in the midst of the UWP’s “slanderous destroy Dominica campaign”.

“The opposition may lead you to believe that everything is on the decline in Dominica…they may lead you to believe that we are slowly becoming an economically failed state, but explain to me how does cement run out in a country if nothing is happening?”

Charles said the opposition party has tried to criminalize the “so important” Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Program which she said is a key pillar of national and even regional development.

“But do not be misled by their brainless, footless, headless campaign called ‘Skerrit Must Go’, I know most of you have heard it,” Charles said and further described it as “the worst campaign strategy ever”.

“Must Skerrit go because of the million dollars spent in housing in the Soufriere constituency and the rest of Dominica? Must he go because of the thousands employed under the National Employment Program? Must be go because of the pension to our senior citizens over seventy? Must he go because of free healthcare for children under eighteen and seniors over sixty?”

She continued, “Must he go because ten million was placed at the AID Bank for agriculture and fifteen million for tourism? Must he go because of our sea defense wall in Soufriere? Or all the infrastructure that is taking place around Dominica? So must he go because of the village roads that are being rehabilitated in our constituency? Must Skerrit go because of free transportation for our school children? Must he go then because of education assistance for children from primary school up to university? Or must he go because of the government’s goal to provide pipe borne water to hundred percent of Dominicans?”

“So why should he go? Is it because of the eradication of pit latrines? Or is it because of the state of the art hospital? Or is it because of the half a million grant that we are receiving for small business in our constituency? So Labourites, why must Skerrit go? Must he go because of the Yes We Care program?”

With a resounding no from those in attendance she added, “So you see, your answer is no. So why then is the opposition saying “Skerrit Must Go!””

Charles said she has come up with two reasons for the UWP’s campaign.

“One, the DLP is making too much money under the CBI program and they want their share, and two because Lennox Linton and an American they have always on Q, that doesn’t pay taxes in Dominica says “Skerrit Must Go!”…So these are the only two reasons.”

She asked how the opposition can want to fire the Prime Minister or ask for his resignation when they did not hire him.

“But let me ask you, did Lennox Linton or the United Workers Party elect the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit?…so if they did not employ the Prime Minister, how can they fire him, how can they ask him to resign? Have you ever heard somebody that did not employ you asking you to resign?”

“So that is why I have said, this is the most footless, headless, brainless, senseless campaign because the only people that can decide when Skerrit will go, if he wants to go, is God and the Labourites who voted him into power…So you see, it’s just a destroy Dominica campaign.”

She referred to St. Kitts which she said once had a “booming CBI program, where two thousand people applied to be citizens of St. Kitts” in 2016 but so far this year, only “one hundred and fifty” people have applied.

“So what’s going to happen to St. Kitts, all the programs they had funded under the CBI? [It] becomes at risk,” Charles said.

“So is that what they want to happen in Dominica? Are we going to allow that to happen? So despite the efforts of the opposition to destroy our economy, like they did between 1995 to 1999, your government continues to work to transform the Soufriere constituency today, and for years to come,” Charles stated.