MP proud of village councils within his constituency

by: Dominica Vibes News - April 19, 2017
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Minister of Health Dr. Kenneth Darroux

Member of Parliament for the Petite Savanne Constituency, Dr Kenneth Darroux, is pleased with the manner in which village councils within his constituency are utilizing funds provided to them for development projects.

According to Dr. Darroux, to date, nine hundred and twenty-eight thousand, two hundred and seventy-nine dollars and fifteen cents has been spent on projects within the Bagatelle/Fond St. Jean area.

Dr Darroux, who is also the Minister for Health and Environment, is delighted at the manner in which the projects have been executed.

“By any stretch of the imagination, this quite a significant sum of money to be put in the hands of any local government, 1.2 million dollars, within such a short space of time, and I really want to thank the chairperson and her council in Bagatelle for their diligence and really expeditious manner in which they’ve used the funds.”

Dr. Darroux said though there are “horror stories” of other councils who received funds from government and do not put them to use, but keep them at the councils for months and even years, “the Bagatelle Village Council, they do not waste time”.

He said he is sure there is no money left from previous funds given for projects as it would have been used for project completed or in progress.

“We would have done all our roads on time, the washrooms being built, so I really want to thank them for the expeditious manner in which they’ve executed the projects and very diligent also,” Dr Darroux stated.