UPDATE: $406,000 approved for Grand Fond Constituency projects

by: Dominica Vibes News - March 20, 2017
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Parliamentary representative for the Grand Fond constituency, Ivor Stephenson (file photo)

Four hundred and six thousand dollars ($406, 000) has been approved by government to fund a number of projects within the Grand Fond Constituency which comprises of Morne Jaune, Riviere Cyrique and Grand Fond.

Member of Parliament for the Grand Fond Constituency, Ivor Stephenson, who made the announcement, indicated that these projects will include infrastructural development, road development and access and retaining walls.

“In Riviere Cyrique we are looking at the continued improvement of access from the Pentecostal Church… we have an amount of money that has been budgeted for that – thirty five thousand dollars,” Stephenson informed residents during a recent town hall meeting.

“Also in the Fwayal area, where we have been seeing serious flooding to some of the dwelling homes in some sections of Fwayal as a result of the lack of drainage and in some areas broken drains, we expect to do some rehabilitation on the drains and the construction of new drains to prevent the flooding of a few homes,” he added.

The rehabilitation of a section of road in Morne Jaune, “the road taking you to Carol’s home, we are going to rehabilitate that section of road”.

Stephenson informed that there are a series of projects to be undertaken in Grand Fond, “particularly on the new playing field, from the basketball court to the new playing field where already a hundred thousand dollars has been budgeted for that”.

“We will see again the construction of a retaining wall next to the Grand Fond Health Center at the cost of a hundred and forty-seven thousand dollars and also in the upper section of Grand Fond we will see the rehabilitation of a section of the road where there has been edge failures costing over thirty-five thousand dollars,” he said.

A facelift for the entrance of Grand Fond, to include proper drainage work, will also be undertaken.

“So these projects will add up to four hundred and six thousand dollars. This money has been approved by the Prime Minister and we expect, within this month, to see construction work being undertaken,” Stephenson informed his constituents.

A number of contractors will be engaged in the construction on these projects and he anticipates that it will lead to the “continued development of our areas”.

Additionally, one hundred and sixty-seven thousand dollars has been approved for the total rehabilitation of the Fond area “where we have been seeing the serious slippage”.

Stephenson noted that some areas within his constituency are vulnerable to landslides and road failures.

“We see the failures, we know how dangerous it is … and when we see these things are happening, we ourselves as individuals, we have to ensure that we come together as a community and ensure that whatever is being done as a result of approval of projects by the government, we have to give our support and I’m saying so because money is scarce,” he noted.