Roseau Enhancement Plan ‘moving forward’

by: Dominica Vibes News - March 20, 2017
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A Roseau Enhancement Plan, to ensure that sidewalks are free of encumbrances, wheelchair access and utility lines are relocated underground, is moving forward.

Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal, Senator Robert Tonge said this plan will enhance the City and make it more attractive for business and visitors.

“Government is also moving forward to do what we call the Roseau Enhancement Plan,” Senator Tonge said during a town hall meeting at the Baracoon Building in Roseau on 16 March 2017.

“In terms of wheelchair access, you could imagine if you are wheelchair bound how difficult it will be for you to move around Roseau, you have lots of sidewalks one up one down,” Tonge lamented.

“You have lots of telephone wires all over the place, so the intention is to move Roseau forward, to enhance it, to make it better,” he added.

Tonge indicated that the Goodwill Link Road is the first phase of the Roseau Enhancement Project “where there are no telephone lines, you don’t see any gutters; everything is under the ground, so the intention is to turn Roseau into that similar kind of fashion”.

“So you won’t see any telephone lines in the air, the sidewalks will be properly done so persons on wheelchairs can move properly, especially the ladies with their expensive high heels, they won’t be falling, and many times persons have gotten injured as a result of broken pavement,” he added.

Senator Tonge informed that government is currently seeking agreement from the various utility companies; FLOW, Digicel, DOWASCO and DOMLEC to relocate their lines underground and he is hopeful that this will begin sometime this year.

“The difficulty is that you have to get all the utility companies to agree and have all their lines underground, so that’s taking a little bit of time, but we’re hoping that it will be done very soon so that Roseau can also be a much more pleasing place for everybody,” he informed.

Parking is another issue that this Roseau Enhancement Plan will seek to resolve as sometimes it is “very hard” to get parking in the City.

“We also have to look at putting parking on the out skirts of Roseau, so persons coming to Roseau for a long period of time should be parking on the outside,” he stated.

The intention is to leave Roseau for persons who are just coming for business “because if you can park it means more business can happen”.

“So many times people come into Roseau, they make one round, they make two rounds and after they make three rounds, they go somewhere else which means somebody in Roseau has lost some business,” Senator Tonge said.