Bath Estate apartment complexes fully occupied

by: Dominica Vibes News - March 17, 2017
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Two apartment complexes in Bath Estate are now fully occupied, the Minister for Housing, Reginald Austrie has reported.

The Bath Estate Housing Project, which was funded by the Dominica government through a soft loan from China, commenced in 2014 with a view to providing low-cost, comfortable accommodation for low-income families.

It comprises of two and tree bedroom apartments; 36 in Elmshall and 24 in Bath Estate. The apartment complexes were constructed by Chinese firm, Shanghai Construction Company.

“I can say to you, as of now, the houses in Bath Estate, they’re all fully occupied,” Austrie told a town hall meeting at the Baracoon Building in Roseau on Thursday 16 March 2017.

Austrie also sought to dispel rumors that the apartment complexes had been allocated to “foreigners” by reading from the list.

“Ladies and gentlemen I have the list there…and my last count, eighteen out of the twenty-four, were between Newtown, Roseau, Goodwill, Bath Road, Pottersville, I see one Massacre there, Cork Street, Hillsborough Street, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau and it have four of them that have no address by them but I am sure that it is Roseau people that are in that,” he informed.

Austrie said the point is that most of the apartments were allocated to the needy people of Roseau Central or greater Roseau area.

He added that “by the end of this week we’ll be looking at the rest of the allocation” as the Dominica Water and Sewerage Company Limited (DOWASCO) was doing some work there.

Austrie added that it is “very difficult” to allocate the apartments as over nine hundred applications were received for the sixty-room apartments.

“It’s very difficult though because we got nine hundred applications, that is what is on the official list, nine hundred, and we only have sixty apartments…So it’s not an easy task,” he stated.

“And not everybody will be satisfied, not everybody will be happy at the end of the exercise because eight hundred and forty people will not have access to any of these buildings because it’s only sixty that we have,” Austrie continued.

Minister Austrie re-assured that government is “not stopping with those two apartment buildings” in recognition of the tremendous need for affordable housing.